Church (Take Me Back) Piano/Vocal Pack (Cochren & Co)
Church (Take Me Back) Piano/Vocal Pack (Cochren & Co)
Church (Take Me Back) Piano/Vocal Pack (Cochren & Co)
Church (Take Me Back)
Cochren & Co

Piano/Vocal Pack Details

Download the sheet music for Church (Take Me Back) by Cochren & Co, from the album Church (Take Me Back) / Grave. This song was arranged by Daniel Galbraith in the key of B, Bb.

SongID 73129
Language English
Album Church (Take Me Back) / Grave
Artists Cochren & Co
Authors Bryan Fowler, Micah Kuiper, Michael Cochren
Arrangers Daniel Galbraith
Publishers Essential Music Publishing
CCLI Song No.7121428
TempoMed Slow
InstrumentsPiano, Guitar, Vocal
File TypePDF
Original Key B
Available Keys B, Bb
ThemeChristian Life, Church, Community, Cross, Faith, Family, Foundation, Healing, Restoration, Searching, Broken


Verse 1 There was a time that I swore, I would never go back I was blind to the truth, didn’t know what I had I was running, I was searching But every place I turned for healing, left me more broken than the last Chorus Take me back to the place that feels like home To the people I can depend on, to the faith that’s in my bones Take me back to a preacher and a verse, where they’ve seen me at my worst To the love I had at first, oh I want to go to church Verse 2 Tried to walk on my own, but I wound up lost Now I’m making my way to the foot of the cross It’s not a trophy for the winners It’s a shelter for the sinners, and it’s right where I belong Bridge Oh, more than an obligation, it’s our foundation, the family of God I know it’s hard, but we need each other, we’re sisters and brothers...

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