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Download the listening track for Holy by College Street Worship, from the album The Reason.

SongID 80335
Language English
Album The Reason
Artists College Street Worship
Authors Rudy Stoesz, Stephanie Stoesz, Darcy Harasym
CCLI Song No.7192495
File TypeMP3
ThemeAuthority, Creator, Glory, Holy, Praise, Sovereignty, Reign


Verse 1 You gave me breath so I could praise You You opened up my eyes to see That all creation waits upon You You’re over every living thing Verse 2 You speak into the darkest places Calling shadows into light You bring rhythm to the silence And what was dead is brought to life Chorus You are Holy God You reign Author of eternity You are Holy God You reign Name above all other names Lord of all authority You are Holy God You reign Verse 3 Your glory fills the highest heaven You bring the blessing break the curse Your kingdom come Your will be done now Until Your praise fills the earth Bridge You are Holy Holy Holy You are Holy Holy Holy You are Holy Holy Holy God You reign...