Standing In Miracles (Live) Chords & Lyrics (Bethel Music / Cory Asbury / Naomi Raine)
Standing In Miracles (Live)
Bethel Music / Cory Asbury / Naomi Raine


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Download the PDF Chord Charts for Standing In Miracles (Live) by Bethel Music / Cory Asbury / Naomi Raine, from the album Homecoming.

SongID 77450
Language English
Album Homecoming
Artists Bethel Music, Cory Asbury, Naomi Raine
Authors Sarah Reeves, Justin Amundrud, Emmy Rose
Publishers Bethel Music, Centricity Music, Curb Music Publishing
CCLI Song No.7183263
InstrumentsGuitar, Ukelele, Piano
File TypePDF
Available Keys A, Ab, B, Bb, C, C#, D, Db, E, Eb, F, F#, G, G#, Gb, Numbers, Numerals
ThemeMiracles, Presence


Verse 1 I see you in the skies with purple hues I hear you in the quiet morning too And when the world is still asleep I’m waking up to You Verse 2 I see you in the glow of summer nights I feel you in the dance of ocean tides And when the world is unaware I am aware of You Chorus I don’t have to search hard to find You I don’t have to reach far to touch You Standing in miracles wherever I go I don’t have to struggle to hear you Your presence is easy to get to Standing in miracles wherever I go Verse 3 I’m walking on the hills of holy ground You take me on the path with scenic routes Your voice is upon the wind And I am listening Channel Oooooooo, Oooooooo Bridge The baby in a mother’s womb The union of a bride and groom Your presence filling up the room, Oo The kindness of a stranger’s smile The sound of rivers running wild The King of Heaven as a child, Oo Spontaneous I’m standing in miracles And everywhere I look, You’re there Everywhere I look I find You...

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