Sweet Wind Chord Chart (David Ruis)
Sweet Wind
David Ruis


Chord Chart Details

Download the PDF Chord Charts for Sweet Wind by David Ruis, from the album Refiner's Fire.

SongID 21178
Language English
Album Refiner's Fire
Artists David Ruis
Authors David Ruis
Publishers Vineyard Music
CCLI Song No.1469175
InstrumentsGuitar, Ukelele, Piano
File TypePDF
Available Keys D
ThemesHoly Spirit, Revival


VERSE 1: There's a wind a-blowin' All across the land A fragrant breeze of heaven Blowin' once again Don't know where it comes from Don't know where it goes But let it blow over me Oh sweet wind Come and blow over me VERSE 2: There's a rain a-pourin' Showers from above Mercy drops are comin' Mercy drops of love Turn your face to heaven Let the water pour Well let it pour over me Oh sweet rain Come and pour over me VERSE 3: There's a fire burnin' Fallin' from the sky Awesome tongues of fire Consuming you and I Can you feel it burnin' Burn the sacrifice Well let it burn over me Oh sweet fire Come and burn over me...

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