Show Your Power Chords & Lyrics (Terry Butler)
Show Your Power
Terry Butler


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Download the PDF Chord Charts for Show Your Power by Terry Butler, from the album Refiner's Fire.

SongID 21176
Language English
Album Refiner's Fire
Artists Terry Butler
Authors Kevin Prosch
Publishers Vineyard Music
CCLI Song No.861891
InstrumentsGuitar, Ukelele, Piano
File TypePDF
Available Keys G
ThemeAspiration, Atonement, Bible, Blood, Confidence, Creation, Cross, Crucifixion, Easter, Gospel, Hope, Inheritance, Light, Missions, Nations, Petition, Power, Salvation, Lost, Riches


CHORUS 1: Show Your power oh Lord our God Show Your power oh Lord our God Oh Lord our God CHORUS 2: Send Your power oh Lord our God Send Your power oh Lord our God Oh Lord our God VERSE 1: Well He is the Lord He reigns on high He is the Lord Spoke into the darkness Created the light He is the Lord Who is like unto Him Never ending in days He is the Lord And He comes in power When we call on His name He is the Lord VERSE 2: Your gospel oh Lord Is the hope for our nation You are the Lord It's the power of God For our salvation You are the Lord We ask not for riches But look to the cross You are the Lord And for our inheritance Give us the lost You are the Lord...

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