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Download the listening track for You Hold It All by New Life Worship, from the album You Hold It All.

SongID 20714
Language English
Album You Hold It All
Artists New Life Worship
Authors Jon Egan
CCLI Song No.5521878
File TypeMP3
ThemeCreator, Omniscience, Strength


VERSE 1: You breathed and the stars of night Marching in perfect time into the night You spoke and the light appeared Marking the days and years of our lives CHORUS: You hold it all together You hold it all forever You hold it all, You started it all You are my all in all VERSE 2: You loved in the greatest way Giving Your life away for all that was lost You, You conquered the enemy Oh, darkness is trembling 'cause You are alive BRIDGE 1: The Lord is my light and my salvation in life I will not fear, no, I will not fear BRIDGE 2: I will not fear, I will not fear, You hold it all I will not fear, I will not fear, You hold it all...