Lucy Grimble

Lucy Grimble



Based in London, UK, Lucy Grimble has been crafting songs for as long as she can remember and leading worship for the last 10 years in the UK and beyond.

Having been immersed in music from a young age (she started the piano at age 4 and was brought up on a healthy diet of classical and orchestral music,) Lucy discovered songwriting in her teens. Her musical inspiration is eclectic – expanding from soul, gospel and RnB, to jazz, classical, and singer-songwriter. The diversity in her musical backbone resulted in a blended sound, creating an expression that is unafraid to color outside of the lines.

Lucy’s heart is to be vulnerable and real – sharing her journey of faith with honesty. She mainly writes within the Christian market, spanning personal reflective songs as well as congregational Church songs. She has released several singles, and recorded three albums as well as an EP to date. She has also featured on several other albums, putting collaboration at the heart of what she does. As an artist, Lucy is passionate about musical excellence and creativity in worship and has, over the years, gathered a talented team of musicians, singers, and producers around her to create songs that reflect her multifaceted expression.

She has collaborated with artists across the UK, US, Brazil, and Europe, including Matt Redman, Graham Kendrick, and Paul Baloche. Lucy regularly performs and leads at live events across the UK and beyond, including Spring Harvest, David’s Tent, Big Church Day Out and Prom Praise in London’s Royal Albert Hall. She also has the privilege of being a BBC Radio artist, performing live sessions and having her music playlisted on air.

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