Formerly known as Influencers Worship, Futures' debut single titled 'Imaginations' released in 2017 was followed by unprecedented success on the Christian charts worldwide. Imaginations held the No. 1 spot on the iTunes Australian Inspirational Charts for 5 consecutive days, breaking the top 10 of the US charts and topping the Nielsen Christian Singles chart on opening week.
“† (just the cross)” was released in February 2019 in the lead up to their first full-length album and the single was met with 750,000 streams in just eight weeks. The debut LP dropped in May 2019 and has led to over 8,000,000 total streams of their music worldwide.
2020 heralds a significant new season for the band as they unveil their new direction under the name Futures. Be on the lookout for a brand new collection of music on the horizon

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