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Denita Gibbs is a singer, songwriter, and recording artist. A native of Birmingham, AL, now resides in Nashville, TN. At the tender age of seven,
Denita knew she was called to be a singer. Raised in a home with praying parents, she learned that life is all about worshiping God. Denita earned national recognition as a finalist in the Vickie Winans Rising Star Talent Search, sponsored by Chrysler. Soon doors of opportunity began to swing open, and in 2004 she released her first album, entitled “Worthy”. In 2011, she formally signed with Audiostate 55 Entertainment Company for the release of her second album. In 2014, she was No. 14 on the Billboard Gospel Album Chart with her August release entitled "Without You." Denita is now an independent artist. Her voice has led her to various arenas of ministry and opening performances for many Gospel artists. 

Denita has received numerous awards: 2014 Alabama People’s Choice Music Award “Female Vocalist of the Year” and the 2014 Alabama People’s Choice Music Award “Song of the Year”. In June 2018, she was one of the Top 3 Songwriter’s finalist at the Gospel Music Association (GMA) Immerse Conference in Nashville, TN. Following the year of 2018, Denita signed a distribution deal with IndieBlu/EOneGospel and released her single, "Keep Holding On.” The acoustic bouncy mid-tempo track is a good evidence of Denita’s ability to produce music that stays on the cutting edge of contemporary gospel music. In March 2019, Denita Gibbs was nominated for “New Artist of the Year” by the Steeple Awards in Atlanta, GA. Followed by a Grammy Consideration in October, 2019 for Best Gospel Performance/Song for her single, “Keep Holding On.” In August 2020, released her new single “Better Believe It.” The Christian rock anthem is evidence of Denita’s ability to produce music that stays on the cutting edge of Christian and gospel music. Follow the year of 2020, Denita was nominated Best New Artist, Song of the Year and Female Artist of the Year by the KIA 2020 Awards.  In March 2021, Denita released her latest single “He’s Way Ahead of You” featuring People & Songs. Denita’s voice can be described as enthralling and captivating throughout this powerful timely song. It is sure to encourage and speak to so many in their own personal lives as well as to the nation and the world in reassurance that God has gone before you and has prepared the way. It may not look like it or feel like, but He is way ahead of you! Following the year of 2021, Denita will release her second new single entitled, “Redeemed” under IndieBlu/EOneGospel which was written and produced by Gospel Recording Artist/Songwriter Sean Scales from Charlotte, NC. The bouncy beat and relatable lyrics remind us the importance of knowing we have been redeemed and if we fully understand what Calvary means in the life of a Believer, then we are proud to say, “I am Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!” Psalm 107:2, “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy.”

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