Tasha Layton

Tasha Layton



Tasha Layton has circled the globe, taking in an array of people, faith, and cultures, all the while compelled, driven and inspired by a love relentless and unconditional. This love runs wild and courses through each note and lyric on Tasha’s debut EP, aptly titled, Love Running Wild.

The pop-synth-driven project is a soundscape of color, emotion, and lyrics that are as pensive as they are accessible. In a manner of speaking, the album is an audible reflection of the artist herself.

Deeply transparent, Tasha is the kind of person with whom you might instantly connect as she exudes a humble strength as inviting as her voice. Whether she steps up to a microphone or puts pen to paper to deliver her signature brand of compelling truth and transformative hope, it’s clear that her stories, message, and voice are not simply what people want to hear; it’s what we all need to hear…and almost didn’t.

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