Travis Doucette

Travis Doucette



The first and foremost thing that defines me is that I am a Christ-follower. My two greatest passions in life are music and education. I am known for my infectious enthusiasm for my passions. I am a life-long learner, avid reader and effective communicator-educator. I am also a hard-working administrator who values and implements organization and systems. I am a self-starter who works well both on his own and as a team member. I believe in adding value to people and when functioning as a leader, go out of my way to ensure team members are placed where they can be the most effective contributors to the cause. My tenacity ensures that work is accomplished in both an effective and timely fashion. I am a creative person and take great interest in crafting my talents both as a musician and songwriter. I enjoy a good challenge where I can exercise my creative problem-solving skills. I am a natural, proven, responsible leader with excellent professional social skills who finds great gratification in realizing and releasing the potential in others.

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