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Parachute Band



With a mission to use music to connect people with Jesus, and a mandate to raise the standard of Christian music in NZ, Parachute Music came into being. The year was 1989 and the time was right. Founder Mark de Jong, who had his roots in Youth For Christ big concert events, launched into the deep and began a ministry that has seen 19 years of rapid growth. Passionate about working with musicians who are not afraid to sing about what they believe in, Mark is all about the potential in a song that can change the heart. “There’s power in a song to touch the human spirit when words are simply not enough.” Parachute Music grew into a national organisation very quickly, filling the gap between artists and record companies and hosting the largest four day festival outside the US to showcase both local and international musicians. The event has not only become a “must” on the kiwi summer calendar but evangelical, in that a large percentage of unchurched people attend the annual event. 

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