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G3MP was founded by Kim Noblitt & a group of Christian men & women in 2001. Our mission was to provide affordable worship resources in a delivery format that would allow all churches access to the same music no matter the size of their fellowship. Our resources are used by HOUSE CHURCHES and Mega Churches. For over 10 years we have provided 32 Albums/Collections(Adult Contemporary Music), 15 Childrens Worship Albums/Collections (interactive), & 5 incredible Student Resources for Student Music groups! (Hip-Hop & Pop, Stomp & Step Routines included). We have also released a total Spanish Collection all sung and translated by Hispanic believers. You will say like many have...this is exactly what our church needed.

We are blessed beyond measure to do what we do. There is no greater calling than to lead the people of God into a deeper more intimate relationship with the one who knows them best.

It is the goal and mission of this ministry to help you do just that. We want to be your partner. We want to make available to you everything the Lord has invested in us. And we want to present it to you in the easiest most convenient way possible. That's why you will be able to purchase songs on an individual basis. We KNOW what it's like to be "in the trenches." And we want to give you what you need.

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