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Brandon Lake / Benjamin William Hastings


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SongID 82458
Language English
Album Coat Of Many Colors
Artists Brandon Lake, Benjamin William Hastings
Authors Dylan Thomas, Benjamin Hastings, Hank Bentley, Brandon Lake
Publishers Capitol CMG, Essential Music Publishing
CCLI Song No.7226501
TempoMed Fast
InstrumentsGuitar, Ukelele, Piano
File TypePDF
Original Key Eb
Available Keys A, Ab, B, Bb, C, C#, D, Db, E, Eb, F, F#, G, G#, Gb, Numbers, Numerals
ThemeWonder, Praise, Surrender, Blessing


Verse 1 More stars than the sand on the ocean More streams than the desert could cope with More beauty than eyes even notice, more to life than we even know yet More love than a man could imagine More grace than a mind could have fathomed More dreams than have already happened, You’ll do it all again, yeah Chorus I could find a million reasons, why I call You Lord You keep showing up with more, You keep showing up with more, You keep showing up with more And I can’t fight it, can’t deny it, all that’s good is Yours So I keep coming back for more, I keep coming back for more I keep coming back for more, more, more Verse 2 More light than the sun can compete with More strength than the sum of my weakness More power than the sum of my demons, more proof than the doubt ever needed More light than the dark could contend with More life than my heart had expected More time that I get in Your presence, less space between me and the heavens Bridge Everything I have, I give it all And I will never take that back, no reservations ‘Cause my faith is in the fact that You don’t ever change God You don’t ever change, so I just can’t help but praise End Yeah...