Manasseh Piano/Vocal (Melody) (Anna Golden)
Manasseh Piano/Vocal (Melody) (Anna Golden)
Manasseh Piano/Vocal (Melody) (Anna Golden)
Anna Golden


Piano/Vocal (Melody) Details

Download the sheet music for Manasseh by Anna Golden, from the album Church.

SongID 82131
Language English
Album Church
Artists Anna Golden
Authors Anna Golden
Publishers Captiol CMG
CCLI Song No.7221718
TempoMed Slow
File TypePDF
Original Key E
Available Keys E, Eb
ThemeGoodness, Grace, Sacrifice, Surrender, Testimony, God's Love


Verse 1 You redeem the innocence that’s stolen You return the years I thought were taken You’re rebuilding every broken home inside My heart, and You made it all better Chorus This is my Manasseh, You’ve caused me to forget Your goodness washes over all the pain of my past This is my Manasseh, You’ve caused me to forgive In all my broken places You’re rewriting what’s been written Tag 1 Thank You for Manasseh Verse 2 You fulfill every facet of my purpose In the waiting, when the silence felt so useless You changed me, You traded all my traumas For vantages of grace, I can see it all now, that Tag 2 Thank You for Manasseh, I'm so grateful for Manasseh Bridge 1 I let it all go, I let it all go (2x) You can take it from here Bridge 2 'Cause it’s a new season, there’s a new freedom All I thought was lost, You found and made it better Glory to glory, joy for my mourning There is nothing wasted, You've worked it all together Interlude This is my Manasseh Tag 3 Thank You for Manasseh, End You can let it all go, You can let it all go (3x) He'll take it from here...

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