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Download the listening track for The Reason by College Street Worship, from the album The Reason.

SongID 80332
Language English
Album The Reason
Artists College Street Worship
Authors Rudy Stoesz, Stephanie Stoesz, Darcy Harasym
CCLI Song No.7198714
File TypeMP3
ThemeDeclaration, Faith, Freedom, Grace, Joy, Promise


Verse 1 I’m letting go Of all my yesterdays I’m moving on From all my past mistakes Never alone I’m covered by Your grace Verse 2 I’m pressing on And in the darkest place You are the sun That brightens up my days I look to You The author of my faith Chorus Jesus Christ You are the reason I’m alive My lungs are breathing In Your life You are the reason I’m revived Dancing in freedom Verse 3 Forever free I’m making joy my song Remembering The promise of Your love You’re all I need Jesus You are enough Bridge Dancing Dancing in freedom Jesus You are the reason Dancing Dancing in freedom Jesus You are the reason...