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Download the MultiTrack for Hope Has A Name (Choral Anthem SATB) by Passion / Kristian Stanfill / Arr. Luke Gambill, from the album Hope Has A Name.

SongID 75889
Language English
Album Hope Has A Name
Artists Passion, Kristian Stanfill, Arr. Luke Gambill
Authors Kristian Stanfill, Jacob Sooter, Sean Curran
Publishers Capitol Christian Music
CCLI Song No.7163645
TempoMed Slow
File TypeWAV or MP3
Original Key G
Available Keys G


Verse 1 Breaking through the silence, with glory in the highest The hope of all creation resting in His mother's arms Verse 2 A song on the horizon ringing through the heavens The long awaited Savior, come to set the captives free Come to set the captives free, come to set us free Chorus Hope has a name, Emmanuel The Light of the World who broke through the darkness All hail the King, Emmanuel The Light of the World, the Glory of heaven Verse 3 We didn't see it coming, the story of redemption What started in a manger ended in an empty grave All I know Bridge Come if you're broken, come if you're searching If you need healing, He's where you find it Lay down your burdens, and breathe in forgiveness If you need freedom, yeah He's where you find it Oh if you need freedom, yeah He's where you find it Yeah He's where you find it oh...