Accompaniment Track (No Vocals) Details

Download the Backing Track for We Are by Kari Jobe, from the album Where I Find You.

SongID 22374
Language English
Album Where I Find You
Artists Kari Jobe
Authors Chuck Butler, Ed Cash, Hillary McBride, James Tealy
Publishers Music Services, Essential Music Publishing, Curb Music Publishing, Centricity Music
CCLI Song No.6129877
TempoMed Fast
File TypeMP3
Original Key E
Available Keys E, F, G


Verse 1 Ev'ry secret, ev'ry shame Ev'ry fear, ev'ry pain Live inside the dark But that's not who we are We are children of the day Pre-Chorus So wake up sleeper, lift your head We were meant for more than this Fight the shadows, conquer death Make the most of the time we have left Chorus We are the light of the world, we are the city on a hill We are the light of the world and we gotta, we gotta We gotta let the light shine Tag Let the light shine, let the light shine Verse 2 We are called to spread the news To tell the world the simple truth Jesus came to save, there's freedom in His name So let His love break through Bridge We are the light, we are the light, we are the light So let your light shine brighter We are the light, we are the light, we are the light Jesus, You are the light, you are the light, you are the light We will lift you high and shine, shine, shine...

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