Bethany Barnard

Bethany Barnard



In 2004, at age 15, Bethany released her debut album Bethany Dillon and began her CCM career as a singer-songwriter. The following years consisted of touring full-time and releasing three more full-length albums with Sparrow Records. In 2008, she married Shane Barnard of CCM duo Shane & Shane, and began the next chapter: putting down roots in her new home of Texas and raising a family. She released her first independent album, A Better Word, under her new name, Bethany Barnard, in 2017.

As a stay-at-home mom of four daughters, Bethany began writing again in 2020 when her father died after a long battle with cancer, and she was subsequently diagnosed with OCD and depression. In the months that followed, songs around the themes of grief, lament, doubt, and faith continued to be penned. Her new album, All My Questions, is the result. Bethany is passionate about normalizing struggle in the lives of followers of Jesus. She wants to share through conversation and song the hope we have in the darkest moments of our life: He is there.

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