Songs Of Worship From PraiseCharts

During these uncharted times, we seek to find new ways to worship together. This resource comes deep from the heart of PraiseCharts. Today we are introducing "Songs Of Worship" as a series of song collections designed for any worship setting. These songs are the battle cry we need to wage this war together; a treasure chest of hope and encouragement for your soul; an encompassing way to put on the armor of God.  Sing them at church. Sing them at home. Sing them over your family. Sing them with your spouse. Sing them online, offline, inside, and outside. Right now, your local church doors may be closed. So, go be the church ... without walls. Wage this war with worship. Fill your chest with a treasure that will not fade away.  The concept for this series began many months ago, long before social isolation and online worship were the new norm.

The project sat on the back burner as we were consumed with producing choral and orchestral arrangements. Now, for a season, choirs and orchestras must make way for the precedence of another form of worship -- more intimate and private, yet still shared as a global community. Songs Of Worship is a series of song sheets featuring your favorite worship titles in all kinds of genres, arranged in singable keys that are easy to play on the guitar or piano. Most collections have 24 songs that you should be able to print on six pages, back to back. Feel free to mix and match the pages and create custom song sheets for yourself or your small group. We have put a lot of thought into the format of this series. Stay tuned, because we have plans to release many, many collections in the future. As you dive into this new form of worship, allow us to take you on a tour of the special features of this series. We hope that these songs will bring you a sense of hope, encouragement, and community with the global worshipping church.